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Were Kinetoscopes the Instagram Reels of the 1890s?
The Library of Congress

March 2022

Are you obsessed with short form video platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels? Well, everything old is new again! Learn about how Edison's Kinetoscope might have been a precursor to modern day video apps.

Factors in addressing racial wage inequality
The Center for Mind and Culture 

November 2021

This article is a result of research compliled with CMAC surrounding wage inequalities. This article specifically discusses major impacting factors and possible solutions.

The Chesapeake Bay Oyster Wars: The 19th Century
The Drew Review

May 2019

How did the oyster beds of the Chesapeake Bay transform into the frontlines of modernization in the Mid-Atlantic? This article discusses the 19th-century portion of the Chesapeake Bay Oyster War, a conflict in the Mid-Atlantic that lasted from the 1860s to the 1960s, and explores how modernization can lead to exploitation and industrial decline. Set during a time of invention, innovation, and immigration, this article tells the story of how oysters transformed the Chesapeake Bay area during the 19th century.


Following Tradition:
Descendants’ Day is the Fourth of its Kind

B'nai Israel: The Downton Synagogue 

July 2019

How do you connect an institution to the surrounding community?
To prepare for its upcoming Descendants' Day Celebration, B'nai Israel: The Downtown Synagogue publishes articles about the history of the congregation, its relationship to Baltimore's Jonestown neighborhood, and membership highlights.

Baltimore’s Garment Industry and the Jewish Community

B'nai Israel: The Downton Synagogue 

Fall 2019

It’s easy to dismiss family ancestors as lifeless names on tombstones or census records. Sometimes you know a story or two. Maybe a cookbook survived, or a religious text or, even rarer, a singular family photograph. Even though most people know that their family members of old must have done something with their time, often it is hard to imagine what exactly that was.
For many early congregants at B'nai Israel, they worked in Baltimore's garment industry.

Betsy Bonaparte and The Southern Belle
Once Upon a Time: A Storytelling Podcast

September 2020

Betsy Bonaparte was the Belle of Baltimore, America's First Celebrity and the daughter in law of Napoleon. Her story has been retold in a variety of mediums, but the most recent major motion picture detailing her life was released in 1936. This article situates her biopic, Hearts Divided (1936), in cinematic history and discusses Hollywoods role in historical interpretation.  



The following videos are a result of collaborations with TikTok creators and either Sporticulture or Once Upon a Time: A Storytelling Podcast.

Podcast Collaboration with Nina Polk
Sporticulture Collaboration with @aarongoldyboy
Sporticulture Collaboration with @JenMarkham
Podcast Collaboration with The Woodmother

Audio Guide Videos

Produced and Edited for the Baltimore Museum of Industry 
Spring 2020